Frequently asked questions

How do I buy lottery?

  1. Choose the draw (in case there is more than one active draw)
  2. Choose the ending
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Add your choice to your basket by clicking Add to Basket.
  5. If you want several endings, repeat the process.
  6. Click Place your order to end the selection of tickets and continue with your purchase..
  7. If you are registered, enter your email address and password, and indicate the address where you wish to receive your order.
  8. If you are not registered, enter the address where you wish to receive your order.
  9. Finally, when you can see your address, delivery option, payment method and your lottery order's details, click Confirm your order.

How can I choose different numbers with the same ending?

Just click Add to basket again. These tickets will have the same ending as others in the order, but they will be different numbers. Your order will be dispatched in one envelope and delivery costs will be paid only once.

How do I create or modify a dispatch address?

You must fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) to ensure the localization of the lottery deliveries.
In My account you will be able to manage your address book, adding or modifying any addresses you wish. You can assign each order to a different address. Send lottery to your home, work, etc.

How do I modify my order?

You have about 24 working hours to modify your order, as long as your order status is New. To do this you must go to View orders in progress in My account. You will be able to delete endings or change the number of tickets.

You will also be able to add new endings by placing a new order and adding the new endings to your open order.

Why can't I modify my order?

If the order total is less than 1520 € and your order status is In progress or Finished you will not be able to modify it and you will have to make a new lottery purchase. This implies paying the delivery costs again.

If your order has a total cost of 1520 € or more and you have not made the transfer yet, you can contact us to modify your order.

How much are delivery costs?

Delivery costs include the transport company and insurance.

Payment method / Destination Peninsula and Balearic Islands Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla
Cash on delivery (from 20 € to 1500€) 16€15 € -
Credit card (from 20 € to 1500€) 11 € 19 €
Transfer (from 1520 € to 6000€) 16€11 € 19 €
Transfer (bigger or equal 6000€) free free

How are delivery and payment managed?

For lottery orders lower than 1500 € the payment method used is cash on delivery or Credit car. 48 working hours after placing your order, Seur will deliver the envelope to the address you provided. You must have the exact amount ready to get your order.

The payment "bank transfer" serves possibility for orders that cost greater than or equal to 1520 €

For lottery orders that cost greater than or equal to 1520 € bank transfer to one of the following three accounts. You must specify your order number and name: Example: 301050 - Jose Garcia Perez


IBAN ES 33 0182 - 3254 - 61 - 0201514360

Banc de Sabadell

IBAN ES 19 0081 - 5200 -11 - 0001817387


IBAN ES 73 0128 - 0560 - 37 - 0100032366

Can I choose a specific number?

At the moment you cannot choose a specific number, as we run out of numbers every day. You may ask for it through our contact form and we will check whether we have it and its availability, as it may have already been reserved by another customer. Most probably, we will have run out of it.

How can I contact La Bruixa d'Or?

For any type of consultation call 973 62 12 42, from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 14 and from 16:30 to 19:30.

You can also contact us through our contact form.


From 7 January to 14 June: from 10 to 14 and from 16:30 to 20 (Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday closed)

From 1 July to 5 January: from 10 to 14 and from 16:30 to 20 (Saturdays, Sundays, 22 and 25 December, and 6 January closed)

Check local and national public holidays

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